Be the only rider on the water

The Carafino Hydrofoil has been ahead of its time in design and use for a over a decade. But for those who have ridden the foil, it is their life changing experience that has kept this such a secret. The hydrofoil can easily be ridden in ultra-light wind as low and steady as 8 mph with a 12 meter kite! One of the "rules of thumb" that our team riders abide by: if you can get your kite to stay in the air consistently, without it falling out of the sky, it is good enough wind for the Carafino Hydrofoil.

The Performance

The upwind ability of the Carafino hydrofoil is shocking. It truly goes up wind like no other board in the world can ride.

The Carafino Hydrofoil

Applying futuristic technology to its production boards. Carafino prides itself on building only the finest boards on the market.

The World Famous Carafino Hydrofoil Boards
The World is Yours, live your water sport dreams.

Worldwide 10 year warranty from manufacturer defect. Designed in Hawaii, engineered in Germany.The Carafino Carbon Fiber Composite Hydrofoils are available in 2 uniquely designed finishes. The "Uni-directional" carbon fiber composite model is referred to as the "STILETTO SERIES" model. The "3K" carbon fiber composite finish is referred to as the "SUPER YACHT TOY" model. The 3K carbon fiber finish is commonly found aboard Super Yachts and the Carafino Hydrofoil compliments the traditional carbon look of finer yacht craftsmanship luxury finishes. The Uni-directional Stiletto Series Hydrofoil is stylish in look, performance and longevity of use.